Jenny Wren Arrives

Audio download: Chapter 1 of “The Burgess Bird Book for Children”

001 - Jenny Wren

Image: Jenny Wren.  This is the saucy little House Wren who builds near your home.

Peter Rabbit learns about bird migration after bumping into Jenny Wren as she returned from the sunny South to stay the summer at the Old Orchard.  In addition to migration, kids will learn about animal coat colors as well.

Questions to ask kids:

  • Why did Jenny and her husband, Mr. Wren, travel to the sunny South for the winter?
  • Why do some birds other birds (Sammy Jay, Tommy Tit the Chickadee, and Drummer the Woodpecker) stay in the Old Orchard all winter?
  • Peter Rabbit and Jenny Wren agree that brown and gray are perfectly good colors for animals.  Why would it be dangerous for animals to be bright colors?

All About Birds: House Wrens

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