But I Like Having a Textbook!

For Principles of Living Systems

This year, the molecular and cellular foundational class, Principles of Living Systems, is going to be textbook free.  The pre-class assignments will be from the Khan Academy.

Some students will like the change, others will be leery of not being able to have and to hold a textbook.  If you’re taking my course and you feel the need to have a textbook, I have a perfectly free idea for you!  OpenStax is an organization that produces high-quality textbooks that can be downloaded for free.

There are two Biology textbook options at OpenStax.

  • The one that digs into the details to a similar level as we will in this class is called Biology.
  • Another one is called Concepts of Biology.  This book is somewhat remedial for our class but could be a great resource for anyone needing some basic clarification of an idea.

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