Science Mine – Extra Credit Opportunity

For POLS Labs

The Science Mine is Butte’s best kept secret (because it’s kind of hard to find).  Open on Saturday mornings from 10am-2pm, the Science Mine has activities are targeted for kids but fun for adults too.  I’m offering two 10-point extra credit opportunities.

  • 1st: Simply come and try out the exhibits on any Saturday for more than an hour.  I’ll let the other volunteers know that you can come in for free.
  • 2nd: Come to the Science Mine again and, this time, set up an activity for kids.  Run your idea by Dr. Graff and he’ll advertise your “event”.

The Science Mine is located in the basement of the Henessey Market Building.  The address is 36 E Granite St.  Enter the building like you’re going to the grocery store but head down the stairs.

Science Mine links


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