TRIM Team To Do List 1

For TRIM Protein Research

To get pointed in the right direction, I have made up the following list of “5” things to do.

  1. Perform literature searches on the TRIMs and MAGEs that you are studying.
  2. Determine how you will keep track of hours worked and lab book pages logged.
  3. Look to see what PCR primer sets you have for your TRIMs/MAGEs. Make sure that there are primers designed for cloning by recombination into pGADT7 and pEGFP/mAzurite
  4. Start performing PCRs for cloning.  Then gel purify.  Then check gel.  Then recombination reactions.  Then transformations.  Then screening for inserts.
  5. Map out the splice variants for your TRIMs/MAGEs and design both general and variant-specific primers for qPCR.  Also design variant cloning strategies.

Team leaders, please work together with your teammates to come up with a game plan to accomplish these goals.  Some goals are never ending such as goal 1.  Other goals should be easy to devise a plan (goal 2) but need to be followed up on all summer.



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