Week 3 – Brittnee and Kurtiss

Submitted by Brittnee Crane for TRIM Protein Research

May 21st– May 27th  

The purified plasmid obtained after bacteria transformation with proteins extracted from yeast were nicknamed “yeast preps”. The yeast preps ready to be put through a digestion reaction were digested and gel electrophoresis was performed with each. The gel was analyzed to determine which samples would be sent off for sequencing. Three new yeast colonies were obtained (94,95, and 96), purified for DNA extraction, and transformed into bacteria.  

The recombination reactions TRIM6, TRIM31 and TRIM69 (mentioned in the previous week) into pGBK were completed again and bacteria transformations followed. Most of the transformations were successful, so colonies were used to seed cultures. Glycerol stocks were made and additional cultures were prepared for plasmid purification and digestion reactions.  


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