Lab Meeting – June 6, 2018

BRIC Academy- Next Week

  • Take everything we need from downstairs lab to upstairs lab on Friday.

Upward Bound Unite Grant (High school kids)

  • Possibly two high school students/per 1 undergrad
  • Training on Thursday at 1-1:45 pm.

Dr. Graff’s Summer Projects

  • Design curriculum for Discover Bio lab and Virology in the fall
  • Blog Posts
  • Literature Review with Derek


  • Look at videos and determine if there is anything extra to add or comments.
  • Videos helpful for fall courses and incoming high school students.


  • Write up protocols listed on website
  • Where is everything in the lab and how to do it.
  • Graff will send out an email of techniques, everyone picks one or two protocols and they will be uploaded onto the website.



  • Cloning into pGBKT7 isn’t working, so she is making a new batch to start working with.
  • 3 dot bacteria is not giving great colonies.


  • -Possible errors with TRIM13 into pGADT7.
  • -Split cells
  • Seed 24 well plate of HEK-293 cells, look up to see what expected TRIM5a localization pattern is and see.



  • Working to get group comfortable in the lab.
  • Problems cloning TRIM34 with Brittnee’s pGBKT7 plasmid and 3 dot bacteria, switched to Zach’s pGBKT7 plasmid and commercial bacteria.


  • Recombination of pGBKT7 for MAGE A1 and A2B.
  • Lack of colonies from transformation, going to use commercial bacteria instead of 3 dot.


  • Working with POLS phages, making lysates, getting titers, getting streaks for lysogens.
  • DNA extractions for OPAD and AbdulJake, low concentrations (Possibly do it again?) Do restriction digest.
  • Make a lysogen assay checklist.


Meeting on Next Wednesday at 10 am.


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