Week 4 – Hannah, Camille, and Kristine

For TRIM Protein Research (TRIM5a, TRIM8, TRIM13, & TRIM58)


  • TRIM5a digests confirmed successful insertion into mAzurite and pEGFP-C1.
  • Seeded a culture of HEK-293 cells to begin protocols for transfection to determine localization and co-localization of the TRIMs.
  • PCR showed bands from Human cDNA and HEK-293cDNA templates for TRIM13 and TRIM8 for insertion into fluorescent plasmids.


  • Recombination/Transformation of TRIM8 into pGADT7 did not yield colony formation.

Week 4 “To Do” List 

  • Gel Pures of TRIM8 and TRIM13 for fluorescence.
  •  Split HEK-293 cells
  • Possible recombination/transformations of TRIM8 and TRIM13 into the fluorescent plasmids.

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