B Cells Meet T Cells in the Middle

For Immunology Chapter 12 Day 1

  1. What were some of the important ideas MacFarlane Burnett put forth in this “Clonal Selection Theory” publication?
  2. When B cells interact with CD4+ T cells that recognize the same antigen, there are three signals. Describe signals 1, 2, and 3 as well as the purpose of each of these signals.
  3. B cells can respond to antigen independently of T cells in two ways. Briefly compare TI-1 (involves PRRs) and TI-2 (involves C3d and multiple Ig receptors) initiated responses.
  4. How are antigen-displaying B cells controlled to stick around the boundary between the B cell and T cell area?
  5. What are some “big picture” differences between the fates of activated B cells that enter primary foci compared to those that enter a germinal center?
  6. Many different routes can be taken to providing naïve B cells antigen in the lymph node. Describe a couple of them.
  7. Membrane spreading…what is it and what purpose does it serve?
  8. For B cells, some antigen is taken up into clathrin-coated pits and some remains on the B cell’s surface. What main role do these two pools of antigen have?

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