T Cell Differentiation

For Immunology Chapter 11 Day 2

  1. What are the three features that define helper T cell subsets?
  2. Figure 11-9 is confusing. Redraw it with a separate pair of DCs and naïve T cells.  In other words, draw DC/T cell interaction for Th1 and a separate DC/T cell interaction for Th2.  Add in the relevant information from 11-9 for each DC/T cell pair.
  3. Th1 polarizing cytokines prevent Th2 differentiation. Th2 polarizing cytokines prevent Th1 differentiation.  Explain how this happens at both the “master regulator” and the “effector cytokine” functional levels.
  4. Why do IL-12(p40) KO mice have neither Th1 nor Th17 cells?
  5. The book points out that there is some overlap in the Th17 and Treg cell polarizing cytokines (such as TGFbeta). What example situation did they suggest would lead toward Th17 polarization rather than Treg polarization?
  6. What types of immune responses lead to the tuberculoid and the lepromatous form of leprosy (Hanson’s disease)? Compare the pathology of these two forms of the disease.

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