Dating Older Humans

For Introduction to Evolution – Chapter 3 Amazon Review

In chapter 2, we learned about a few important historical figures that contributed to the pre-Darwin field of evolution.  William Smith’s “map that changed the world” provided the first example of “biostratigraphy” where the relative ages of fossils are inferred from the layer of rock/deposits the fossil is found.  Now, in chapter 3, we spent some time discussing radiometric dating, a method based on monitoring radioactive decay.  (See the illustration of alpha and beta particle release during the decay of radioactive lead…that started out as radioactive thorium.)800px-Thorium_decay_chain_from_lead-212_to_lead-208.svg

YouTube is cluttered with anti-evolutionists attempts at undermining the validity of radiometric dating.  There is more than one (or two) way to determine the age of fossils, so first read “Everything Worth Knowing about…Scientific Dating Methods” by Gemma Tarlach and take brief notes on the various methods.

Next, dig into the “Fossil from Arabian Desert…” also by Gemma Tarlach to see an example of fossil dating using the uranium time series method.  Draw a timeline of events described in this article.  Then write a standard Amazon Review.

Image credit: Eugene Alvin Villar for the Philip Greenspun illustration project.  CC BY-SA4.0.


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