Survey of Complement Pathways

For Immunology

  1. Using ~2 sentences each, briefly summarize the seven functional categories of proteins/protein fragments in the complement system.
  2. Draw a C1qr2s2 complex as accurately as possible and point out the function(s) of the important parts.
  3. Repeat learning objective 2, except draw an MBL/MASP complex.
  4. Without drawing, explain the zymogen pathway involving C2, C3, and C4.  What fragments of this pathway constitute a C3 convertase?  What do the other fragments do?
  5. Compare and contrast the generation and function of C3bBbC3b and C4b2a3b.
  6. In the lab, we often used C8-deficient mouse serum to opsonize Leishmania parasites prior to mixing them with mouse macrophages.  What coated the parasites?  What was the advantage of using serum lacking C8?  Would anti-leishmanial antibodies be unnecessary if the parasite’s major surface protein is a protease capable of cleaving C3?

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