Appropriate Immune Responses via Regulation of Innate Immunity

For Immunology Chapter 5 Day 3

  1. Acute infections start out by using positive feedback loops to ramp up the level of inflammation.  Summarize this response starting with the initial problem (example: septicemia) and following through to acute phase proteins. 
  2. We will skip NK cells for now and come back to them in Chapter 13. 
  3. There are numerous negative feedback mechanisms to put an end to the positive feedback that ramps up an inflammatory response.  Briefly discuss each of the following: 
    • Shortened MyD88 isoform 
    • IκB family members 
    • IL-10 
    • TGFβ 
    • Glucocorticoids 
  4. To my knowledge, alum is the only approved adjuvant for use in humans.  How does the lack of variety in adjuvants hinder the development of vaccines for certain types of infectious diseases?  (Hint: Think helper T cell differentiation.) 

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