Joel Graff, Ph.D.

20161005_145501 Joel W. Graff

Department of Biology

Montana Tech of The University of Montana

1300 West Park Street

Butte, MT 59701


Professional Preparation:

  • Ph.D. -Veterinary Molecular Biology, Montana State University, August 2008
  • B.S. Biotechnology, Montana State University, May 2001
  • Biology, Montana State University, May 2001
  • Biochemistry minor, Montana State University, May 2001


  •  Assistant Professor: Montana Tech of the University of Montana (January 2016-Present)
  • Research Assistant Professor: University of Iowa (November 2013-January 2016)
  • Research Health Science Specialist: Iowa City VAMC (August 2008-January 2016)
  • Assistant Research Scientist: University of Iowa (October 2010-September 2012)
  • Postdoctoral Fellow: University of Iowa (August 2008-September 2010)
  • Doctoral Student: Montana State University (September 2004-August 2008)
  • Research Associate: Montana State University (September 2001-August 2004)
  • Undergraduate Researcher: Montana State University (June 1999-May 2001)

Courses Taught

Blog Posts

  • HHMI001 – Collecting Environmental Samples
  • HHMI002 – Phage Enrichment for Isolation (Direct Isolation, too)

Publications (external link to PubMed)

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