Principles of Living Systems

The Principles of Living Systems (aka POLS or BIOB 160) course is based on the Biology subject area of the Khan Academy.  This effectively eliminates the requirement for students to purchase an expensive textbook, yet cover the same topics a textbook would.

Topics for this course:

  1. Intro to biology (in class Jan 6)
  2. Chemistry of life
  3. Water, acids, and bases
  4. Properties of carbon (WE WILL SKIP THIS SECTION!)
  5. Macromolecules
  6. Energy and enzymes – NO OUTLINES
  7. Structure of a cell
  8. Membrane and transport
  9. Cellular respiration
  10. Photosynthesis
  11. Cell signaling
  12. Cell division
  13. Classical and molecular genetics
  14. DNA as genetic material
  15. Central dogma (DNA –> RNA –> protein)
  16. Gene regulation
  17. Biotechnology – NO CLASS ON FRIDAY, APRIL 19
  18. Bacteria and archaea
  19. Viruses
  20. Evolution and the tree of life

Lecture notes:

Additional resources: